Thursday, August 20, 2009

Always wanting what you can't have


As a lover of all things animal print, seeing this coat promptly made me go slightly insane.
I knew right then and there I had to have that coat!
In a frenzy I translated Swedish to English to try discover where it was from determined that I would somehow get my hands on it...
Only to find out that it had been hand-made (knitted) by her aunt! booo :(

I am currently knitting myself a scarf and it has only taken a thousand years so far, so I reckon I could possibly knit a similar coat by say.. the year 5278?

I'll let you know how it goes ;)


  1. hello lovely!

    thanks for visiting my lil blog! :)
    oh i love her coat! you gotta love the animal print! ;-)

    geez these swedes can never go wrong! i love me some stockholm streetstyle!

    will link you darling.
    gotta keep up with my fellow aussies! :)

  2. haha...goodluck with the knitting btw.
    i've tried many a time, and i always end up with an EPIC FAIL! hehe.


  3. Love the coat. I need to go to Stockholm and take everyone's clothing! Amazing!

  4. omg, love this look. i usually don't like the animal print, but this jacket is amazing.

    Xo, YC.

  5. haha, awww that sucks when you find out things are either thrifted or worse hand-made by a relative. I hope that you find something just as nice in the future. x